onsdag 28 februari 2018

Interview - Oldfashioned Ideas

Oldfashioned Ideas stick to their guns with strong values thats once where radical and fresh but in this 180 degrees to the shit direction-turning society is regarded as old. They have been up around the bend (fuck nows what that means?) for a long time so I checked out their balls of pride once again.

Ok what the fuck is going on in society - new record coming up or what?!

Niclas – Yes, new album recorded and being mastered as we speak!

It seems you guys don’t gig as heavily as ya used to bishes - or am I misinformed? Still hot by the Germanz?

Niclas – I think we have been pretty solid around 10-20 gigs per year, but some years are less than others of course. Life and all that bullshit comes in the way sometimes, but we probably couldn’t do much more anyway if we want to survive (come on, a little pung-krock won´t killa ya, ok it killed Dee Dee, Johnny, Joey, Joe, Sid, han sixten i dokun, Elvis, Ian, Danzig (well, braindead anyway) and a few others but hey - you can doi! it!/ed.).

Will you guys ever play Hamburg? Can’t Hannu sort shit out for you? I think he chaos there every now and then...

Niclas – Would love to play Hamburg, but it’s not looking very likely. There’s a couple of organizers that would like to book us, but they can’t. Same old story… (well I´ll tell you another old story: two guitarplayers stands in the shower. Suddenly the first says to the other "hey, are ya having a fucking wank?!" to wich the first replies "what? can´t I wash my dick as fast as I like?"/ed.).

So what has happened since the last time? I’ve heard Per has broken hard with the skinheadz cult and now sports a beard and a worn out smalltown haircut while Gus has made a strong comeback and faced the aggression?

Gus – Facing the aggression is a mandatory continuum in this #society, but as far as skinhead goes, I leave that to other more suited people (eh... like who?! everyone sucks!/ed.). I’m just bald. Per, on the other hand, heard that the only way to be considered a cog of the small community he resides in is to have a full head of hair. And therefor is he now almost as handsome as Niclas (sorry, gotta "take a shower"/ed.).

Sick boy Nick is like a man with three cocks - he’s fucking everywhere! He now plays meaty punkrock with you guys, Volvo and The Streets Team. But will we ever see him in a bit thinner groups, like Sabotage?

Niclas – No. Not my preferred style, don’t think I could play like that even if I wanted to (is it a style? i thought it was a diet!/red.). I like loud and distorted, I don’t think bands like Sabotage would have any interest in that.

Gus (also with almost like three bands) – Two timin’ bastard!

Who’s the little kinder of the band?

Niclas – Age wise it’s Gus, mentally it’s a draw (I hear ya, he is an artist, a poet and a friend/ed.).

chicks and dicks

Ok motorhead is dead like a lot of other heroes and zeros. Who would you rather see dead?

Niclas – I wouldn’t miss a lot of people, it´s easier to say who I want to stick around. But I kind of want everyone in charge of anything important to at least suffer a bit once in a while. Keep them reminded that they are the fortunate ones.

Gus – Almost everyone, especially Tingeling (I see what you mean but still - every wiking has to go berserk every now and then. Don´t be to hard on Tingy, tell him a little something like this:

Good morning heartache
You're like an old friend
Come and see me again 

Look up you're in Cleveland again
A solid line that never ends
I've got stories you'll never believe
And i know it i wear it on my sleeve 

There must be somethin' about you that I liked but
Right here in the rain you know it just don't seem right
I always go out I never hide but in Cleveland
I should have stayed inside 

Good morning heartache
You're like an old friend
Come and see me again 

Testify my love for you
I know it runs deep through your body too
From the cold blacktop to the hot concrete
The old tan van it ain't so sweet 

Somewhere in America in the city at night
We were far from home but you know it was gonna be alright
The unfortunate get prayed on by vultures eyes
86 cents in these pockets of mine

And you can take my money,
You can take my time,
But you can't take my heart it's in the city behind

Good morning heartache
You're like an old friend
Come and see me again

Do you guys love wrestling?

Gus – No. The art of pankras is cool and an ultimate martial art, but the shows are not my cup of tea. Although I’ve recently been approached by another viking to start some kind of tag-team, but I’m letting him know through this interview that I’ll pass. Sorry Ekan.

What do you think is the biggest reason everything sucks in da society and everywhere else?

Niclas – Because people are cunts, that’s the simple answer. Too much bullshit, people arguing like morons over little insignificant stuff like it’s the end of the world, and that’s only referring to this morning at work. No wonder the world is a fucked up place when people can’t agree on what kind of sweetener to use in your fucking tea (I agree but lets not get to idealistic here - always remember that "It is not the consciousness of men that determines their being, but, on the contrary, their social being that determines their consciousness" as da old beard use ta say/ed.).

Gus – In the age when it’s cool to give as little shit as possible about stuff, and toss around the word “offended”, it seems to me that people are caring more than ever. It’s just that they only care about what they already decided to be right. There’s no more dialogue, and people are fucking idiots (hehe great social democrat value/ed.).

I fucking love The Warriors (90~early 00-stuff) - why can’t there be more bands with that kind of pride?

Gus – Ask someone who knows what’s going on in the scene, I don’t know shit. But I do like The Warriors and similar bands from that era, I think (Gobless!!/ed.).

What do you think of the latest Rancid record? I’ve just started to re-enjoy the previous one, it’s a killer! Back where I belong etc, strong style!

Gus – Awesome! I love it, I loved the last one as much. I mean they’re not Indestructible-good, but few things in life are.

You are the fucking Motorheadz of oi - but who are the Electric Boys of oi you think?

Niclas – Can’t think of any, I think that title is up for grabs. But I hope someone goes for it and makes the great “Punk-o-metal carpet roi!de”. You can use that by the way, no need to credit me. Conny Bloom might want some small compensation though.

What goals do you still wish to achieve with da band, you’ve toured all over the place, played festivals and released approximately 40 000 billion euros records. Wassap?

Niclas – Same as it’s always been, have fun and having a good time with my friends. If the day comes when it’s not fun anymore I’ll stop doing it right away. Ain’t got no time to do stuff I’m not enjoying. But hopefully that day won’t come anytime soon!

Gus – I love recording. I think that’s the only thing I’ve done and still doing in my life that perhaps (hopefully) will be remembered. I’m trying to write music as well, earlier I’ve only contributed with lyrics but maybe I get my bass-slapping together again. As Niclas said, it’s only about having fun. Sometimes it’s less fun with no gigs/can’t get away due to money or work, but when we get booked by great people and get to see new places (and hopefully laugh a lot during the trip) that’s what makes it worth while. But my goal is mostly to have my name on a respectable amount of releases that reaches a lot of people, to make a mark and for people to enjoy what I enjoy as well.

Thanks for the interview Martin! /Oldfashioned Ideas

Old boys with an old firm of friends

tisdag 6 februari 2018

The Kuksugers - Skåneland utan förskoning (kassett)

Jaha Hjelle är som alla vet ett geni när det kommer detta med rock och att skriva låtar (för er som är helt jävla efterblivna får jag ju då berätta att det är sångaren/gitarristen i Bäddat för trubbel, Det enda alternativet, solo mm) och nu är han då här med The Kuksugers (sug på det namnet suckers!). Jag ska erkänna att jag inte har tusen procents koll på mannens diskografi och förehavande innan Bäddat drog igång men jag har för mig att han hade en del projekt och kanske sjöng mer på engelska och kanske, kanske är det så att Kuksugarna rent av är av ännu äldre datum än Bäddat för Trubbel som väl drog igång typ 08/09? Men vafan har det med denna recension att göra - inget men ba, sug kuk på er. 

Tapen går iaf bäst att beskriva som en tretton minuter lång konst/tema platta (Musikdokumentär beskrivs den som på tape-ryggen) på temat mörkläggningen av Skånelands historia med låååånga, långsamma monologer och intervjuklipp med gubbar som praudar om di hele .Ingen aning vart det är hämtat ifrån.  Rejäl kuf o fniss-nivå men ändå med ett ett uns allvar kanske? Fuck do I know. Insprängt i skiten ligger iaf ett gäng låtar som inte handlar ett piss om detta utan (om man inte räknar sista som bara är ett slags gitarrskrammel komp till sluttampen av ovan nämnda snack), sedvanligt för Hjelle, avhandlar högt och lågt på ett kort och koncist sätt. Låtarna heter i tur och ordning; "Jag reste tillbaks i tiden och röstade på Juholt" (svinbra!), "Jag vet hur man ger upp" , "Rösta (kanske inte) på Kds", "The Great punk swindle" (som tar ställning mot pretto post-"punk" synt-wave-skiten - kudos!!) och låter enkelt beskrivet som en ännu punkigare, snabbare och skitigare version av Bäddat för Trubbel men med inslag av nån annan slags störd skit och med mongo-punk-vibbar (läs:F.Y.P, Idyls, saibon, Pricks etc..). Mycke brau!

Detta? äh det är bara mina två ex av Bäddat-demon inkl tändstickor